Testing Program for SARS CoV2 Coronavirus Detection

Update from the Office of the Attending Physician (10/2/2020)

Testing program for SARS CoV2 coronavirus detection

The Office of Attending Physician presently provides coronavirus testing utilizing a sample obtained from the deep recesses of a patient’s nose, in a testing facility that follows CDC guidelines for healthcare personnel.  The sample subsequently is processed by an RT-PCR test of high accuracy and low rates of false negativity.  The result is available on the same day and the patient is informed.  The testing is available in medically indicated cases of Members who have symptoms suggestive of coronavirus or who are concerned they may have been exposed to a known positive Covid 19 patient.  The testing is available throughout the day.  Other staff members who have been in contact with a known positive case here at the Capitol are also offered testing.  In conjunction with local Public Health authorities, this office performs contact tracing of all positive results at the time the result is available in and concludes this in a rapid timeframe.  Under this medically indicated testing program, the overall test positivity rate at US Congress has been less than 1%.


The Novel Coronavirus remains a threat to the health of those who work in and around the Capitol.  In order to minimize the risk to yourself and your colleagues, please review the COVID-19 Health Screening Inventory daily before coming to work and stay home if you answer yes to any of the questions. 

COVID-19 Health screening Inventory

Additionally, please abide by social distancing guidelines in order to decrease the chance of unknowingly catching or spreading the virus.  Our most recent social distancing guidelines can be found here:  Social Distancing guidelines

COVID-19 Staff Decision Tool


COVID-19 Testing Sites

The capacity to perform COVID-19 testing in the greater Washington, D.C area continues to evolve.  For the most up-to-date information on centers that have the ability to perform COVID-19 tests, the OAP recommends the following resources:

Testing centers in Washington DC

Testing centers in Virginia 

Testing centers in Maryland 


Additional Issues related to COVID-19

The CDC is an excellent resource for questions related to COVID-19.  They have assembled guidance for numerous issues that the virus may present.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

What to do if you are sick 

What to do if living in close quarters with someone who is sick 

Tips for living in shared housing 

Resources for parents with children or teens at home