Holiday Greetings Update

As of December 4, 2014:

Resolved, that the Regulations on Use of the Congressional Frank by Members of Congress are hereby amended, as follows:


Section 1.

In Chapter Two, section 4(a), strike all after "re-election to office" through "prohibited" and replace with the following:

" -- Birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, retirement or condolence messages are prohibited. Non-incidental holiday greetings are prohibited. (Incidental holiday greetings are permissible.)"

Section 2.

In Chapter Two, section 10 is revised to read as follows:

10. Holiday Greetings

Section 3120(a)(5)(B)(iii) prohibits the use of the frank "for any card expressing holiday greetings from [a Representative]." The Commission has interpreted this to cover the newsletters and all other mailings that include "non-incidental holiday greetings." Incidental holiday greetings are permissible. Examples of incidental greetings include salutations, signatures, and other simple greetings. Holiday colors, illustrations, and greetings on calendars are non-incidental and not frankable.