How to Submit a New Request

All House Members are notified that the Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards (Franking Commission) will only accept new Advisory Opinion requests that are submitted through the new online portal (hosted on the House network), beginning on October 2, 2017. This new resource will give Member and Committee offices the ability to submit new requests, track the status of existing requests, verify requests for final approval, and access Advisory Opinions for records and reimbursements.

After October 2, paper-copy Advisory Opinion requests to the Franking Commission will no longer be accepted.

The Online Portal is located here:

Instructions can be found here

The staff contact should be notified by email within 3 business days as to whether the request has been deemed Frankable or if Revisions need to be made.

Note: All revisions must be submitted and reprocessed before you can distribute the communication

Once you receive your Preliminary Approval from the Commission, you may distribute your communication.