Information Related to Submitting E-Newsletter to the Franking Commission

Initial Submission

Member offices must submit an Advisory Opinion Request prior to distribution of all unsolicited mass emails via the online portal here. This does not include mass emails send to opted-in/subscriber lists.

The attachment must be submitted as an actual email file (.eml, .msg, etc.) in its final format (send yourself a test email) – as the constituent will view it, with all clickable links activated.


Unsubscribe or Opt-out links must be included somewhere in the layout of all e-newsletter/e-mail requests.

You may NEVER link to any pages that are:

  • Created for, or containing Campaign/Political related activity
  • Created for, or containing Grassroots related activity including those intended to Petition or Lobby the Government
  • Created for, or containing Endorsements for a private product, commodity, or service
  • Where the sole purpose is to Solicit Donations/Volunteers