Submit a Request

Submit a new request for an Advisory Opinion using the online portal:

A guide to the online portal is available here. For assistance, please call the Franking Office at 202-225-9337

Updated Communications Standards ManualThe updated Communications Standards was made effective on January 7th, 2020. Previous guidelines can be found here.

Note: All revisions must be submitted and reprocessed before you can distribute the communication.

Once you receive your Preliminary Approval from the Commission, you may distribute your communication.

Final Approval (Receipt of your Advisory Opinion and Public Disclosure):

An office must finalize all requests submitted to the Franking Commission. Once an office has distributed the preliminarily approved communication, they must verify what they sent out was what the Franking Commission approved. Upon said verification, an Advisory Opinion will be generated for the purposes of reimbursement, and the request will be made available for public review through the Legislative Resource Center.

NEW: Updated Procedures for Submitting a NOTICE OF AN UNSOLICTED MASS EMAIL. The updated guidelines do not require unsolicited mass emails to be reviewed by the Commission prior to distribution, however, within two business days an official communication was distributed, the Member must notify the Commission and provide the communication. Offices may do so by forwarding the email here:

Note: This does not apply to emails sent to subscribers. There are no requirements for the Commission to review or post such communications.

Note: Blackout rules still apply to unsolicited mass emails