House Democratic Diversity Initiative

The Members of the Democratic Caucus in the 115th Congress are the most diverse representatives our county has ever seen. The diversity in our ranks is both a strength and a reflection of the American people it is our great honor to serve. Our Committees and our Caucus will be strengthened by having the advice and expertise of staff, especially in senior positions, who themselves embody the diversity of America.

-Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi         

About the House Democratic Diversity Initiative

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with the U.S. House of Representatives (House). The Committee on House Administration has been tasked with developing and implementing tools to assist House employing entities, (Members, Committees, Leadership House Officers, and the Inspector General) in creating and maintaining a diverse workforce.

The House Diversity Initiative will increase recruiting, hiring, and retention of a diverse workforce. The initiative will serve as a resource to House employing entities and support their efforts to build Congressional Staff that reflects the diversity of the constituents they serve. Increasing the diversity within staffers ensures perspectives of Americans of all backgrounds are represented in the policy created, and work done on behalf of American people.

The House is a dynamic and vibrant place to work. As our nation tackles challenges and charts a course towards the future, Congress, supported by their staffs will play a critical and essential role in that process. Key to our success is the ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest talent from across the nation. That can only be accomplished by ensuring that the institution embraces, promotes, and advances diversity. We encourage you to consider employment with the House of Representatives.

Employment in the House

The House is a not a single employing entity, but rather it consists of several hundred individual employing offices. These offices include Members of Congress, Committees, House Officers, and the Inspector General. All the offices carry out responsibilities ranging from representational duties on behalf of Congressional Districts, legislative activity, oversight of federal agencies, and the administration and operation of the processes and functions of the House. Currently, the total workforce is approximately 10,000 employees. While over half of these employees work in Washington, D.C., there are House employees working for Members in every state, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.

Employing offices within the House are equal opportunity employers. As individual employing offices, House employing entities create their own organizational structure, develop job descriptions, and set work schedules and employee compensation.

Employment in positions within the House, except those designated as temporary or intern, include eligibility for participation in group health insurance, group life insurance, flexible spending accounts, wellness programs, and a retirement system that includes a tax-deferred savings plan with government matching contributions.

Consistent with applicable law, selection and continued employment may be contingent upon an applicant satisfactorily completing a background check (that may include a criminal history records review. Employing offices that require background checks develop their own policies on how this information is used in the hiring process. Depending on the employing office, such policies may involve considering a variety of factors for applicants with a criminal history, including the nature of the crime and its relationship to the position; the frequency and severity of the criminal conduct; the time since the conviction; evidence of rehabilitation and good conduct since the conviction; and whether hiring the applicant would pose an unreasonable risk to the employing office, the House, or the public). Some employing offices may also test for illegal drug

Types of Positions and Vacancy Announcements

Congressional staffers can make a direct impact on the lives and wellbeing of millions of Americans. In this fast-paced environment, we are looking for goal-oriented individuals interested in public service. While several publications about working on Capitol Hill exist, we recommend that you review summaries for current job vacancies at the following resources to consider the type of positions that are most suitable for your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Specific information about current vacancies within the House and for the federal government is available at and

How Your Application is Processed

By utilizing this tool, your information will be reviewed by professional staff and your résumé will be made available to hundreds of employing offices here at the House.

Personnel selections are made at the discretion of individual House employing entities and not the Committee on House Administration Diversity Initiative. You will be contacted directly by an employing office if your information indicates a possible match with their personnel needs. Applicant information submitted through this site will remain on file for up to one year. Please note, submitting an application on this site does not guarantee job acceptance or placement. Transportation and all related travel expenses associated with the interview and hiring process must be paid by the applicant. Additionally, moving and related relocation expenses are not available.

Purpose and Routine Uses of Demographic Information

We are committed to building an inclusive workforce, one that reflects the rich diversity of our nation. As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide, on a strictly voluntary basis, demographic information. Your responses will not be released to individual employing offices, hiring officials, or anyone else who can affect your application. This information is used solely to determine if our recruitment efforts are reaching a broad range of the population. No personnel selections are made based on this information. Your voluntary responses will be treated in a confidential manner.

How to Apply

To be considered for referral through the House Diversity Initiative, please submit a copy of your resume in PDF format and complete the profile on