Lofgren Announces January 6 Hearing on Reforming Capitol Police and Capitol Police Board

May 14, 2021
Press Release

San Jose, Calif. – Today, Committee on House Administration Chairperson Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) announced the Committee will hold a hearing with members of the United States Capitol Police Board and law enforcement and protective services experts. Reforms to the United States Capitol Police, as well as improvements to the Capitol Police Board’s decision making processes and accountability measures, will be covered in the hearing.

“The Committee’s investigation into the January 6 attack hasrevealed detailed and disturbing findings and important recommendations about the United States Capitol Police’s preparations for and actions on the day of the attack,” said Lofgren.  “While our investigation is ongoing, it is clear the Committee must explore possible reforms to the United States Capitol Police.  What changes would improve processes and accountability for the Capitol Police Board?  Making the Capitol Police Department stronger and more effective is a top priority to keep the Capitol, those who work here, and Capitol Police officers safe.”

“As we honor the public service of law enforcement during National Police Week, we thank all of the officers of the Capitol Police and every jurisdiction that responded on January 6 and to those who stand watch today.  To all of you, we remember and honor your service.”

The hearing, scheduled for Wednesday, May 19, follows two hearings with U.S. Capitol Police Inspector General Michael A. Bolton to discuss the findings of three flash reports issued by his office.  In addition, the Committee held a public hearing with Architect of the Capitol Inspector General Christopher Failla about his first flash report regarding the Architect of the Capitol’s preparations, planning, and response to the attack.  The Committee’s public hearings to date have brought to light deficiencies and inadequacies within the Capitol Police Department related to training; planning, policies, and procedures; intelligence; leadership; and culture.

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