Lofgren Applauds Announced Senate Vote on S. 1

Jun 1, 2021
Press Release

San Jose, Calif. – Committee on House Administration Chairperson Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) issued the following statement today after Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced the Senate will hold a vote in June on S. 1, the For The People Act.  This legislation is essential to defending our democracy, reducing the influence of dark money and powerful special interests, and stopping voter suppression around the nation.

“The For the People Act is the most comprehensive legislation in a generation to hand power back to the American people.  With many state governments rushing to implement suppressive voting laws, the For the People Act lifts barriers to the ballot box so all Americans can have a say in the issues that impact their lives.  It returns accountability to politics by ending gerrymandering and by reining in the dark money used by special interests.  To enact meaningful legislation against gun violence, to reduce prescription drug pricing, and so many other matters the public is calling for, elected officials need to serve the public interest, not the special interests. 

“I applaud Senate Majority Leader Schumer for scheduling a vote on this bill.  To survive and flourish, our American Democracy needs the For the People Act.  Our government must truly reflect the will of the people.”

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117th Congress