Lofgren Statement on Confederate Statues in the Capitol

Jun 10, 2020
Press Release

“As Vice Chairperson of the Joint Committee on the Library and Chairperson of the House Fine Arts Board, I take very seriously my duty and responsibility to ensure only our more aspirational values are displayed in the United States Capitol. Indeed, what the Confederate statutes in the National Statuary Hall Collection represent is anathema to who we are as a Congress and a country.

“I agree that the Joint Committee and Architect of the Capitol should expediently remove these symbols of cruelty and bigotry from the halls of the Capitol. I stand ready, and call on the Chair of the Joint Committee to swiftly approve the removal of these statues. The Capitol building belongs to the American people and cannot serve as a place of honor for the hatred and racism that tears at the fabric of our nation, the very poison that these statues embody.”

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Congress Number: 
116th Congress