Lofgren Statement On President Biden's Voting Rights Speech

Jan 11, 2022
Press Release

San Jose, Calif. – Committee on House Administration Chairperson Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) issued the following statement today regarding the President’s speech given in Georgia about voting rights and the Senate filibuster:

“Throughout our history, we have fought to advance justice and extend the right to vote to ensure every American can freely and equally participate in our democracy. Last year, however, Republican lawmakers across the country unleashed a wave of anti-voter and election sabotage laws, and experts predict this wave will only intensify this year. 

“Today, President Biden noted Senate Republicans have abused the filibuster over 100 times in the last year which has impeded movement on voting rights legislation. The filibuster must be changed to secure the freedom to vote for the American people. It is time for the United States Senate to approve the Freedom to Vote Act and the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act so all Americans can have an equal voice in our nation’s future.”

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117th Congress