Brady Denounces House Passage of H.R. 359

Jan 26, 2011
Press Release

Washington, DC (January 26, 2011): Robert A. Brady, Ranking Democrat on the Committee on House Administration issued the following statement in response to today’s House passage of H.R. 359, legislation that terminates the Presidential Election Campaign Fund:

 “Today’s disregard of the wishes of the nearly 10 million Americans who voluntarily direct $3 of their tax obligation to fund Presidential campaigns, marks a low point in the History of this House,” said Brady.

 “Not only did the new Republican majority remove a key safeguard against corruption and the dominance of special interests in our election system, they did it with no regard for public disclosure and transparency. Not one hearing…not one witness…and no opportunity for consideration through the committee process. Under the guise of expedient cost-cutting, the new majority has taken another step towards handing over our election system to the highest bidder.

 “Between the disastrous Citizens United ruling, the death of the DISCLOSE Bill in the Senate, and today’s action, the forces who wish to turn over our elections to special interest groups are batting 1000.”


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112th Congress