Brady Denounces Kobach vs EAC Court Decision

Mar 19, 2014
Press Release

March 19, 2014 (Washington, D.C.) Committee on House Administration Ranking Member, Robert Brady (D-PA) was disappointed with the decision of a Federal District Court in Kobach v. United States Election Assistance Commission. This decision requires the Election Assistance Commission to update the federal voter registration form to include proof of citizenship to meet the voter eligibility requirements of Arizona and Kansas.

“This is a terrible ruling that needs to be appealed immediately,” said Brady. “The federal registration form requires more than enough information to determine a voter’s eligibility. Additional documentation won’t prevent any fraud, but it will create unnecessary obstruction that will disproportionately affect ethnic and language minorities. We recently heard from the bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration, that we should be making it easier to register, not creating obstacles to make it harder.”

“This decision does underscore how critical it is to confirm the President’s nominees to the Election Assistance Commission. As the agency responsible for preparing the federal form, it cannot implement any changes without any Commissioners,” Brady continued.

The EAC was created in the aftermath of the disastrous elections of 2000 as part of the Help America Vote Act. The agency is designed to assist state and local election officials to ensure smooth, accurate, and fair elections. Congressional Republicans have undermined the commission by holding up nominations and attempting to abolish the agency altogether. The result of their assault on the EAC was seen in the unreasonably long lines, confusion, and disenfranchisement of thousands in the 2012 election.

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113th Congress