CHA Democrats Respond to Latest FEC Gridlock

Dec 15, 2011
Press Release


December 15, 2011 (Washington, DC) The Democratic Members of the Committee on House Administration are disappointed to learn that the Federal Election Commission has again deadlocked on an important issue:  Amending contradictory rules that govern the disclosure of independent expenditures.  We are less than a year away from away a presidential election and this disturbing pattern of partisan gamesmanship continues at the expense of the American people and the integrity of our elections.  We urge Representative Chris Van Hollen to pursue any and all administrative remedies that are available.

The Federal Election Commission is the only government agency that is statutorily mandated to provide guidelines governing campaign finance. That mission is critically compromised when partisanship takes over.  Mr. Van Hollen petitioned the Commission to revise and amend contradictory regulations relating to the disclosure of independent expenditures.  Rather than providing the clarification requested, the Commission deadlocked on a 3-3 vote, failing to reach the minimum threshold required for action.  With an election in the very near future, the campaign finance waters are as murky as ever.

If the FEC cannot provide the guidance pursuant to their legal obligation, petitioners have no choice but to turn to our already overburdened judicial system for relief.  What should be a last resort has now become the norm as a result of the systemic divisiveness that has crippled the FEC.  We will closely monitor this issue until it has reached a resolution.


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112th Congress