Committee on House Administration Releases Hispanic Americans in Congress; 1822-2012

Apr 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 (Washington, D.C.) Tomorrow, the Committee on House Administration, in conjunction with the Office of the Historian and the Office of the Clerk, will release Hispanic Americans in Congress; 1822-2012. Published by the Government Printing Office, this book is the third in a series authorized in the 107th Congress to highlight the contribution of women and minorities to the institution.

The book chronicles the personal lives and careers of the ninety-one Hispanic Americans who have served in the U.S. Congress. It contains rare historical images, contextual essays, and individual profiles of each Hispanic American Representative and Senator from 1822 till 2012. The book is designed to help students, researchers, and others interested in learning about the Hispanic-American lawmakers who helped shape national policy for nearly two centuries.

The book’s cover features Henry B. Gonzalez, the longest serving Hispanic American, and father of recently retired House Administration Committee Member, Charles Gonzalez, who was essential in bringing the project to completion.

“As the only Member serving on the House Administration Committee since the first book in the series was released, I couldn’t be happier to see Hispanic Americans in Congress complete and available to the public,” said Ranking Member Robert Brady (D-PA). “Each book gives a unique and important perspective on the history of this institution, and it’s fantastic that we are able to share this piece of Hispanic American Heritage with everyone.”

“I commend the publication of the newly released Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-2012, which is a fitting tribute to the countless contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to Congress,” said House Administration Committee Member Juan Vargas (D-CA). “Their work and sacrifice have shaped our nation and helped us to become the great country we are today.  I am extremely proud of the legacy of those who came before me and I look forward to building upon their foundation of excellence, diversity and inclusivity.”

"Hispanic Americans have always been part of the American story,” said Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Rubén Hinojosa (D-TX).  “Our presence in Congress is an untold piece of that story that is finally being shared.  The remarkable advancement Hispanics in Congress have made is clear: there are 91 Hispanic representatives profiled in this book dating back to 1822 and there are currently 27 Members serving in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.  This publication gives voice to America's diversity and is a national treasure for our students, Hispanic community, and country at large."

“The struggle for equality for Hispanics has always been marked by seeking representation at every level of government," said Former House Administration Member Charles Gonzalez. "This latest edition of “Hispanic Americans in Congress”  reflects  the great strides made by Hispanics and is testament to the ongoing effort to assure that Hispanics are included in the social, political and economic future of our great country. I am so proud to see my father’s image on the cover of the book. He was the first Hispanic to be elected to the U.S. Congress from the State of Texas and I know he would hope that the book would inspire young Hispanics to seek public office.”

The Office of the Historian has also produced an up-to-date web exhibition available tomorrow here.

In the coming weeks, an eBook version will be available for free download at GPO’s website, making it available to all Americans.  

Hard copies can be purchased online from the GPO bookstore.

Other books in this series include Women in Congress; 1917-2006, and Black Americans in Congress;1870-2007. A book honoring Asian Pacific Americans in Congress is awaiting production.