Committee Members to Review House Regulations Governing Official Expenses

Mar 27, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Committee on House Administration Chairman Candice Miller (MI-10) and Ranking Member Bob Brady (PA-01) together announced that the Committee will be evaluating and reviewing current standards and procedures in an effort to clarify House regulations and practices.  This bipartisan review will be led by Committee Members Representative Rodney Davis (IL-13) and Representative Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) and will include an examination of the regulations governing official expenses for each Congressional Member Office and opportunities for the Committee to provide enhanced education for each Member of the House.

“The Committee on House Administration, led by Representatives Rodney Davis and Zoe Lofgren, both former congressional office staffers, will review current House regulations and explore ways to strengthen the regulations governing official expenses, as well as ways to enhance the training and educational opportunities available to assist each office with compliance.  Each Member of this House takes an Oath of Office and promises to be the caretaker and champion for their congressional seat.  This is an immense and sacred responsibility that should be considered in a bipartisan way and it will be,” Chairman Miller said.  “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement – and our group of Members is committed to finding solutions.”

“I’m happy to join with Chairman Miller in this important initiative and pleased that my friend Rep. Zoe Lofgren has agreed to serve in this important role,” said Ranking Member Brady.  “Every effort should be made to ensure that the rules and regulations governing Member spending of taxpayer dollars are clear, straightforward and instill the elements of integrity and transparency.  I look forward to working with my Democratic colleagues on the Committee and my friends across the aisle.  The importance of ensuring accountability within this great institution crosses all partisan boundaries.”

“As a former congressional staffer and now a member of Congress, I have the highest respect for this institution,” said Davis.  “I am honored to be chosen with my colleague Congresswoman Lofgren to lead a review of our current standards and procedures.  We have a great responsibility as Members of Congress to be good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars and I look forward to working with my colleagues to make understanding and complying with House rules and regulations as seamless as possible.”

“As Members of Congress, there is no greater responsibility than maintaining the trust of those we have been elected to represent,” said Lofgren.  “The rules and regulations that govern our conduct, including the manner in which we serve as stewards of taxpayer resources, are not only designed to reinforce that trust, they also serve to ensure the integrity of this institution.  I look forward to working with my colleague Mr. Davis as we review the effectiveness of these measures.”


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114th Congress