House Administration Democrats Support Responsible Cost-Cutting Measure

Jan 19, 2011
Press Release

Washington, DC (January 18, 2011): House Administration Committee Democrats today voiced support for H.R.292 , Stop the OverPrinting Act, sponsored by Rep. Christopher Lee (R-NY). The legislation calls for the Public Printer to make bills and resolutions available to House and Senate Offices, in an electronic format only, and accessible through the Internet, unless hard copies are specifically requested.

In a floor statement prior to House passage, Rep. Susan A. Davis (D-Ca), highlighted the legislation as a vastly improved bipartisan compromise over the original legislation referred to the Committee on House Administration on January 12th.

 “Concerns were raised about the original bill’s possible adverse effect on the Clerk’s staff and others who labor in support positions inside the House and Senate,” said Davis.   “I commend the gentleman for listening to concerns and making sensible changes.”

 “It certainly bothers me to see multiple copies of bills in our office’s recycling bins every day,” said Davis.  “Too many bill copies waste time, trees and taxpayer dollars.” 

 “As we consider this bill, we must remember that our democracy doesn’t work well without transparency in government. Nobody wants to disrupt the legislative process inadvertently or to make it harder for any Americans to “read the bills.” 

 “While many Americans still do not have adequate access to the internet, all Congressional offices certainly have the ability to attain their own bill copies when they need to,” said Davis.  “This bill rightly maintains public access to important documents while saving the people’s money.”

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112th Congress