House Administration Democrats Urge Oversight on the Role of Money in Elections and the DISCLOSE 2012 Act

Feb 15, 2012
Press Release

February 15, 2012 (Washington, DC) Democratic Members of the House Administration Committee Robert Brady (PA), Zoe Lofgren (CA), and Charles Gonzalez (TX) sent a letter to Chairman Lungren (R-CA), requesting an oversight hearing on “the increasing role and influence of undisclosed money in our electoral system.”

According to recent polling, more than three-quarters of voters think that campaign finance reform is a key issue for the country, and a majority believes secret money plays too great a role in campaigns. Despite public opinion, the growing power of Super PACs, and the astronomical sums already spent in the 2012 elections, the Republican Majority has refused to conduct any oversight on this issue.

Committee Democrats wrote, “The American people deserve to know who is financing their elections” and “The Committee should exercise its jurisdictional oversight on behalf of the American people.”

Last week, the House Administration Democrats joined Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) in introducing the DISCLOSE 2012 Act. The bill, referred to the Committee on House Administration, would vastly improve the transparency of our elections by requiring campaign funding disclosure by Super PACS, corporations, outside groups, and lobbyists. Corporations would have to disclose their campaign expenditures to their shareholders and all groups would have to stand by their political advertisements.

In their letter, the House Administration Democrats also called for a hearing on the DISCLOSE 2012 Act stating, “We need and the American people have demanded increased disclosure. Allowing outside groups to significantly influence our elections through anonymous donations, sells America short. This Congress promised more transparency and has to yet deliver. Let’s start now with a hearing on DISCLOSE 2012.”

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112th Congress