116th Congress Committee Resolutions

Resolutions Adopted by the Committee on House Administration:

  • Committee Resolution 116-01 - adopting the rules of the Committee on House Administration for the 116th Congress. 
  • Committee Resolution 116-02 - electing the Chairperson and Members of the Subcommittee on Elections.
  • Committee Resolution 116-03 - adopting the Parking Policy for the 116th Congress.
  • Committee Resolution 116-04 - promulgating regulations regarding mandatory anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies for House offices.
  • Committee Resolution 116-05 - promulgating regulations prohibiting the use of exercise facilities of the House of Representatives by former Members of Congress registered as lobbyists.
  • Committee Resolution 116-06 - promulgating regulations regarding Eligible Congressional Member Organizations.
  • Committee Resolution 116-07 - promulgating regulations regarding displaying a statement of rights and protections provided to House employees.
  • Committee Resolution 116-08 - promulgating interim regulations governing the House Paid Internship Program.
  • Committee Resolution 116-09 - approving Franked Mail allowances for Committees for the 116th Congress
  • Committee Resolution 116-10 - issuing regulations regarding mandatory completion of a program of training in workplace rights and responsibilities for all Members, officers, and employees.
  • Committee Resolution 116-11 - promulgating regulations establishing a timetable and procedures for withholding amounts from the compensation of an individual who is a Member of the House of Representatives for reimbursing the amount of certain settlements and awards made under the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995, as amended and establishing the content, format, and other requirements for an annual public report that the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights is required to make to Congress and the public about payments under the Congressional Accountability Act. 
  • Committee Resolution 116-12 - allocating $450,000 for the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress from the Reserve Fund.
  • Committee Resolution 116-13 - to Amend the Members’ Congressional Handbook and the Committees’ Congressional Handbook (Advance Payments).
  • Committee Resolution 116-14 - to allocate funds from the Reserve Fund ($912,500 to the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress).
  • Committee Resolution 116-15 - promulgating regulations regarding the SFC Sean Cooley and SPC Christopher Horton Congressional Gold Star Family Fellowship Program.
  • Committee Resolution 116-16 - adopting regulations amending and superseding the relevant portions of the prior regulations known collectively as the Member's Congressional Handbook and the Committees' Congressional Handbook, respectively.
  • Committee Resolution 116-17 - Resolution to Correct Regulations for the SFC Sean Cooley and SPC Christopher Horton Congressional Gold Star Family Fellowship Program
  • Committee Resolution 116-18 - to allocate funds from the Reserve Fund to the Committees on Armed Services, Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce, Foreign Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure, Veterans' Affairs, and Ways and Means.
  • Committee Resolution 116-19 - to promulgate regulations governing House Paid Internships.
  • Committee Resolution 116-20 - to amend the Members' Congressional Handbooks and the Committee's Congressional Handbook.
  • Committee Resolution 116-21 -  issuing regulations for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Click here to view the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Operations Plan as submitted. Refer to Committee Resolution 116-21 for plan revisions.
  • Committee Resolution 116-22 - issuing regulations for the Office of Whistleblower Ombudsman.
  • Committee Resolution 116-23 - authorizing the Chief Administrative Officer to execute an agreement negotiated with the General Services Administration relating to district offices.
  • Committee Resolution 116-24 - amending the Members’ Congressional Handbook, the Committees’ Congressional Handbook, and the Guide to Outfitting & Maintaining an Office

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