Additional Statistics on Harassment in the Congressional Workplace

Dec 19, 2017

WASHINGTON – As part of the Committee on House Administration’s extensive review of sexual harassment and discrimination in the congressional workplace, Chairman Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) received additional information on the statistics of settlements and awards from the Office of Compliance (OOC). The OOC provided the Committee with additional statistics of settlements and awards paid by type of claims as a result of cases originating with an employing office in the House of Representatives from FY2008 – FY2012.

Chairman Harper said: “As I have stated from the beginning of this review, one case of sexual harassment is one case too many. We must create a culture within our Capitol Hill community that instills in every employee and employer, new and old, that there is no place for sexual harassment in the halls of Congress. As part of my Committee’s review, I asked the Office of Compliance for a breakdown of the $17 million total amount that has been reported by their office for all cases involving claims of violations of the Congressional Accountability Act. We released the original data provided to the Committee on December 1. The OOC has provided our Committee with additional information from FY2008 through FY2012 involving offices within the House of Representatives. The Committee has yet to receive all of the information we requested. We will continue to investigate the OOC’s record keeping practices as part of our extensive review.”

Additional information regarding settlements between FY2008 and FY2012 provided by Susan Tsui Grundmann with the Office of Compliance to Chairman Harper:

Claims against Member-led Offices from 2008-2012:

1. sex discrimination, retaliation, & FLSA violation                                                    $15,225.00
2. sex and disability discrimination & retaliation                                                        $8,160.00
3. retaliation                                                                                                               $10,000.00
4. race and disability discrimination & retaliation                                                       $17,500.00
5. retaliation                                                                                                               $15,333.33
6. sexual harassment and harassment because of retaliation                                  $85,000.00
7. sex discrimination (including sexual harassment) & retaliation                             $10,000.00
8. sexual harassment because of retaliation & sex discrimination                            $20,000.00
9. disability discrimination & retaliation                                                                      $50,000.00
10. sex discrimination, retaliation & FLSA violation                                                   $12,100.00
11. race discrimination                                                                                               $5,000.00
12. age discrimination                                                                                                $65,000.00
13. age discrimination                                                                                                $5,000.00
14. race, age, national origin, sex, and disability discrimination & retaliation            $8,000.00
15. race and sex discrimination, retaliation & FMLA violation                                   $15,907.52

Total of Settlement Amounts for Member-led offices:                                         $342,225.85

Claims Against Non-Member-led Offices from 2008-2012:

1. race and age discrimination & retaliation                                                               $12,240.00

Total of Settlement Amounts for Non-Member-led Offices:                                 $12,240.00

Total of Settlement Amounts for All House Offices (2008-2012):                        $354,465.85


December 15, 2017 Letter to Chairman Harper from the Office of Compliance