EAC: Zombie Agency

Dec 9, 2011

Two Remaining Commissioners Resign One Year After Agency Loses Quorum

WASHINGTON – Today, Subcommittee on Elections Chairman Gregg Harper, R-Miss., issued the following statement after the resignation of the two remaining commissioners at the Election Assistance Commission (EAC):

"Exactly one year ago today, EAC Commissioner Hillman resigned from the agency leaving it without a quorum and unable to make policy decisions. In the last week, the two remaining commissioners announced their resignations, and the President nominated the general counsel and acting executive director for a position at another agency.   

“The EAC, an obsolete agency that has long outlived its purpose, now has no commissioners, no executive director, and no general counsel.  It is a zombie agency, lumbering forward lifelessly devouring taxpayer dollars.

“For months we have said the EAC is obsolete and unnecessary, which is why last week House Republicans voted to eliminate it and save taxpayers $33 million over five years. With every EAC position created by law now vacant, there is no justification to keep spending borrowed money on a hollow bureaucracy.”