House Votes to Cut Committee Budgets

Feb 1, 2012

Cut Demonstrates GOP Commitment to Rein in Government Spending

WASHINGTON – Today, Committee on House Administration Chairman Dan Lungren, R-Calif., issued the following statement after the House passed H. Res. 496 reducing House committee budgets by over 6% for the second session of the 112th Congress:

“Congress should not and will not be immune to the economic hardships forcing American taxpayers across the country to sacrifice and tighten their financial belts. Instead, as stewards of tax dollars, we must lead by example and find ways to operate in the most cost-effective manner. 

“Today, House Republicans demonstrated their continued commitment to reining in government spending – without exception – by adopting a resolution cutting House committee budgets for the second time this Congress. I thank my colleagues for their support and pledge to continue to identify ways that we can reduce the cost of Congressional operations.”   

H. Res. 496, when combined with the enactment of H.Res. 22 – a resolution introduced by Mr. Walden which cut House committee budgets by 5% at the beginning of the 112th Congress – represents the largest percentage cut to committee budgets since the 104th Congress.