Lungren Says Court Order to Stall Implementation of STOCK Act Places Executive Branch Bureaucrats’ Financial Dealings Before Public Interest

Sep 14, 2012 Issues:


WASHINGTON – Today, House Administration Chairman Dan Lungren, R-Calif., issued the following statement calling on the Department of Justice to immediately appeal the court order stalling the equal implementation of the STOCK Act:

"I am extremely troubled with yesterday's decision to delay equal implementation of the STOCK Act – putting executive branch bureaucrats’ financial dealings before public interest – and ask that the DOJ immediately appeal this order. 

"The STOCK Act, by design, includes enhanced disclosure requirements for government employees with equal potential for illegal insider trading activity. 

"While we recognize that some of the law’s disclosure requirements might need to be modified for officials working on sensitive national security matters, this sweeping reversal of Congress’ decision to include executive branch agencies would severely undermine the bill’s intent to protect against corruption.”