Miller: Women’s History Museum Deserves Congressional Consideration

Dec 11, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Committee on House Administration Chairman Candice Miller, R-Mich., issued the following statement regarding today’s hearing on the creation of a National Women’s History Museum:

"From aiding and serving alongside other patriots during the Revolutionary War to working as CEO’s of today’s Fortune 500 companies – including Michigan’s Mary Barra recently being named CEO of General Motors –women play a major role in our nation’s rich history. They have stepped to the forefront of innovation, business, politics – you name it – whether within their own community, their state, or across the entire nation."

“Their stories are important to share as their accomplishments make up the very fabric of our nation.  That is why I believe Congress should seriously consider the establishment of a national women’s museum paid for and maintained entirely with private funds. And creating a commission to study this endeavor is an important first step.  

“I want to thank our witnesses who testified today, especially Representatives Blackburn and Maloney, for their continued dedication and persistence on this important, and frankly overdue, national acknowledgement. I believe that it is our shared responsibility to keep this history alive for today’s generation and the generations to come.”