Reminder: All Unsolicited Mass Communications Require Franking Approval

Apr 16, 2007

In accordance with federal law and House rules and regulations, please ensure that all unsolicited mass communications produced by your office are submitted to the Franking Commission for approval prior to dissemination.

A number of offices use the “Tele-town hall” format of communication to reach a large number of constituents. Please note that Tele-town halls are defined as unsolicited communications, and their scripts are subject to Franking review and approval.

Franking regulations stipulate that “Unsolicited mass communications” be defined as any unsolicited communication of substantially identical content to 500 or more persons, in a session of Congress. Additional examples of both unsolicited mass communications, and those communications that are not subject to the regulation governing unsolicited mass communications, appear at the link below.

Should your office have any questions related to this matter please contact the Committee on House Administration at 5-8281.

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