Chairman Lungren Pledges to Continue Working with CAO to Restore House’s Financial Standing After Second Consecutive Audit Cites Inadequacies with Financial Reporting

Today, Committee on House Administration Chairman Dan Lungren, R-Calif., issued the following statement after the House IG released its 2010 audit of the House’s financial statements, which – for the second consecutive year – cited ineffective controls over financial reporting:

“Since 1994, when the House IG was unable to audit House finances due to inadequate recordkeeping, this institution has worked to achieve financial accountability. Since 1998, the House has received clean audits. Unfortunately, the past two independent audits have identified ineffective and unacceptable controls over the House’s financial reporting procedures under the previous CAO during the 111th Congress.

“It is our obligation to ensure this institution’s financial operations are handled in the most professional, accountable and transparent manner. With that, this Committee will continue to work with the CAO to ensure that the necessary corrective actions are taken to restore the House’s financial standing.”