Washington, DC – Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today released this statement after House Democrats introduced H.R. 4, their second attempt at a federal takeover of elections.

"After they failed to gain enough support from their own party to get H.R. 1 across the finish line, Democrats are now trying a back-door attempt at nationalizing our elections to ensure their party remains in power for years to come," said Davis. "H.R. 4 is nothing more than another unconstitutional, power grab by Speaker Pelosi. This bill, which would fundamentally change how every election is run in this country, is being rushed to the floor without a markup or following regular order. Removing states' ability to decide their own elections is a clear violation of the Constitution.

"More Americans voted in the last two elections than in any other midterm or general election in our nation's history. Our country has clearly come a long way since 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was necessary to overcome the burdens created by the Jim Crow era laws put in place by Democrats. Thankfully, today, voting discrimination and suppression remain against the law. Every eligible voter who wants to vote must be permitted to cast a ballot and their vote be counted. 2021 isn't 1965, and Republicans celebrate the progress we've made since then. Democrats ignore it as a way to justify the unprecedented political power grab that is HR 4 — a federal takeover of our elections intended to keep Democrats in power."