WASHINGTON - This Election Day, Committee on House Administration Chairman Bryan Steil (WI-01) released a new video highlighting the American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act's path to the House Floor - from working with state election officials to passing Committee in markup.

The American Confidence in Elections Act will ensure states have tools to implement common-sense measures that will strengthen voter confidence and participation. The comprehensive bill includes nearly 50 standalone bills sponsored by members of the House Republican Conference.

About the ACE Act:

  • Offers states the tools they need to strengthen voter integrity and removes outdated federal policies that stand in the way.  
    • Gives states tools to use photo voter ID as proof of citizenship.
    • Grants states access to federal databases so they can have accurate voter lists.
    • Repeals Biden Executive Order 14019 and prohibits federal agencies from engaging in political activities.
    • Prevents federal funds from going to States that allow ballot harvesting and non-citizen voting.
  • Cleans up elections in Washington, D.C., to serve as an example to implement election reforms.  
    • Repeals and prohibits non-citizen voting in D.C. elections.
    • Prohibits ranked-choice voting in D.C. elections.
    • Enforces voter list maintenance in D.C.
    • Requires photo voter ID in D.C.
  • Protects political speech and enhances donor privacy.   
    • Protects Americans' First Amendment right to support candidates, causes, and organizations of their choice without fear of retribution.
    • Permanently prohibits federal agencies, like the IRS, from targeting conservative non-profits.
    • Closes loopholes foreign actors exploit to influence U.S. elections.
    • Prevents the Biden Administration from creating a "misinformation czar."