WASHINGTON - Committee on House Administration Chairman Bryan Steil (WI-01) delivered opening remarks at today's full committee hearing titled, “Artificial Intelligence (AI): Innovations within the Legislative Branch.” 

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Chairman Steil's full opening statement:

"AI has sparked an interest around the world."


"With any new technology, there comes risks and rewards."


"Recently, we’ve seen it used to mimic President Biden’s voice in a recent election robocall."


"But, we’ve also seen it used to spur important research and reduce burdensome government paperwork."


"We must ensure Congress is ready to manage the risks AI poses while leaning into the rewards."


"Today, we will explore how the legislative branch is developing AI governance plans for Congress to innovate effectively and efficiently."


"In the early months of 2023, generative AI disrupted multiple industries, including government operations."


"It triggered a global conversation about the power of AI and its social implications."


"By the middle of last year, the Committee took steps to meet with each of our legislative branch entities to discuss the power of AI and the need to develop responsible governance plans."


"By the end of last year, we saw several AI use cases emerging from our legislative branch agencies."


"For example, we have seen:"


"Innovative experiments with optical character recognition to assist visually impaired library patrons."


"The US Copyright office using AI to improve digital accessibility to Copyright Registration Records and other data."


"Natural language processing to help rapidly summarize legislation."


"And testing how enhanced search tools could help the public more quickly find government publications."


"These use cases are just some examples that will enable Congress to be more effective."


"The Committee is dedicated to promoting transparency around these emerging use cases."


"This transparency is essential to ensure Congress maintains a detailed understanding of the use of AI for this institution and for the American people."


"Congress must also ensure our legislative branch agencies are developing comprehensive AI governance plans."


"These plans are foundational IT best practices and are necessary to effectively manage AI over the long-term."


"The NIST AI Framework is a critical resource that can help legislative branch agencies turn AI principles into specific governance policies."


"As the Legislative Branch experiments and develops these governance plans, we must also be looking ahead to the need for upskilling the legislative branch workforce."


"AI is new to many of us, making training a critical element for successful implementation." 


"I was once told that AI won’t replace humans, but humans that use AI could replace those who aren’t using AI."


"I look forward to hearing how Legislative Branch staff will be upskilled and made familiar with generative AI technology."


"The Committee on House Administration is focused on ensuring the Legislative Branch is able and equipped to address the challenges AI presents while utilizing its benefits."


"I look forward to hearing from each of our witnesses today and I am pleased to welcome Congressman Obernolte and Congressman Lieu to our Committee to discuss AI."


"With that, I yield to the Ranking Member for five minutes of opening remarks."