WASHINGTON - Today, Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) sent letters to the legislative branch agencies under the Committee's jurisdiction, including U.S. Capitol Police, Sergeant at Arms, Architect of the Capitol, Chief Administrative Officer, and Clerk of the House, raising questions about their work for the 1/6 Select Committee.

"As Pelosi's political 1/6 Committee continues to waste taxpayer dollars on their made-for-TV productions, the American People deserve to know exactly how much it's costing them and to what extent the Committee is diverting resources away from other important congressional programs and operations," said Ranking Member Davis. "When Republicans retake the Majority, we will investigate the Committee's work to see exactly how much damage has been done and hold Pelosi accountable."

Specifically, Ranking Member Davis asks each agency:

  1. Have they assisted the January 6th Committee with personnel, resources, time, or planning?
  2. Have they been asked by the January 6th Committee to provide—beyond its normal operations and level of service—additional resources to the January 6th Committee?
  3. What funds they have expended in total with respect to its assistance to or additional resources for the January 6th Committee?
  4. Have these funds been diverted from other important programs or operations within their agencies?

Full text of the letters: