Chairman of House Subcommittee on Elections Even More Committed to Eliminating EAC After Oversight Hearing Highlighted Commission's Limited Utility and Questionable Employment Practices

WASHINGTON – Today, Subcommittee on Elections Chairman Gregg Harper, R-Miss., issued the following statement after an oversight hearing on the Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) clearly demonstrated that the Commission has outlived its usefulness:

"What my colleagues and I heard again today was further confirmation that we need to eliminate the EAC, which has clearly served its purpose and is no longer essential to the administration of our elections.

"Today we heard first-hand accounts of the EAC's bloated budget, ever-growing staff, shrinking responsibilities, discriminatory hiring practices, as well as, shocking as it sounds in our current fiscal situation, how it still finds a way to spend more money on management than it does on its actual programs. This is why I have introduced legislation to eliminate the Commission and transfer its remaining responsibilities and its authority to more appropriate and competent entities."