Committee on House Administration Releases 5,000 More Hours of January 6 Footage

Speaker Johnson and Subcommittee Chairman Loudermilk also provide update regarding remainder of footage

WASHINGTON - The Committee on House Administration today released 5,000 additional hours of U.S. Capitol security footage from January 6, 2021. Following the release, Speaker Mike Johnson and House Administration Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Barry Loudermilk released the following statements and provided an update on the balance of the January 6 footage.
Speaker Johnson statement:
“House Republicans again commend Subcommittee Chairman Loudermilk and the entire Committee on House Administration for their ongoing commitment to ensuring that there is full transparency surrounding the events of January 6. This ongoing work is especially necessary considering the deeply flawed prior investigation conducted by the partisan January 6 select committee, which instead of delivering transparency, has contributed to defendants, public interest groups, and the media having to rely upon the interpretation of a small group of government officials.
“Additionally, upon extensive further consultation with the Committee, and at my direction, the Committee will no longer plan to blur the faces of individuals in the footage given the significant logistic hurdles involved and the importance of getting this work completed as responsibly and efficiently as possible.”
Subcommittee Chairman Loudermilk statement:
“My subcommittee’s investigation has always been about providing the American people with full transparency and complete accountability about what really happened on January 6, 2021. As such, we have been working tirelessly to make public all U.S. Capitol Police CCTV footage from that day.
“I appreciate Speaker Johnson’s continued support of our efforts and his resolute commitment to full transparency for the American people. Today's decision will significantly expedite CCTV footage releases, all of which will be made available to the American public within the next few months, without blurring or editing. The first batch is already available on our Rumble page.”


  • Today’s release of 5,000 hours of additional footage comes following the November 2023 announcement that Speaker Johnson would make the January 6, 2021, tapes available to the American people, and the release of an initial tranche of 90 hours of footage.
  • The House Committee on Administration will continue to release the remaining footage online as expeditiously as possible so that it is accessible to every American.
  • Footage will continue to be reviewed to ensure it does not expose sensitive security information.
  • Initially, Speaker Johnson and the Committee considered blurring the faces of individuals pictured in the footage, but that process has entailed significant logistical issues leading to lengthy delays in delivering much-needed transparency. Moreover, law enforcement agencies already have access to the raw footage.
  • Previously released blurred footage will be reuploaded without blurring.
  • Media organizations, non-profits, criminal defendants, and every U.S. citizen will have the ability to view each minute of the 40,000+ hours of footage in person.