WASHINGTON - At the start of this Congress, we saw allegations of illegal ballot harvesting in North Carolina's 9th District that caused the State Board of Elections to order a new election, resulting in the victory of soon-to-be Member of Congress, Dan Bishop in last night's special election. Ballot harvesting is the practice when an election volunteer or political operative comes to pick up a ballot from the voter and delivers it to the voting precinct on their behalf.

"Due to the allegations of illegal ballot harvesting, the constituents of North Carolina's 9th district have been without a Representative for nine months, not to mention the high cost for the state to host last night's special election. Ballot harvesting is a concerning practice ripe for fraud and prohibited in some states, yet California recently legalized it before their 2018 mid-term election," said Ranking Member Davis. "I, along with my Republican colleagues on the Committee, have introduced several amendments and proposals asking Democrats to prohibit ballot harvesting nationwide, both in their hyperpartisan election overhaul package, H.R. 1, and their election security bill, H.R. 3412. Democrats have voted down every honest attempt made by House Republicans to ban political operatives from picking up thousands of unsecured ballots for the candidate of their choice."

"For all of the talk from Democrats about election security, they refuse to address the only election interference practice that actually resulted in a state refusing to certify their election results. I will continue to demand that Democrats take action to prevent all types of interference and fraud, not just the types that fit their political narrative. The integrity of our ballots is too important."

The Committee on House Administration has the unique position of oversight federal elections. The Committee's jurisdiction over federal elections requires it to consider proposals to amend federal election law and to monitor congressional elections across the United States. Since becoming the top Republican on the Committee, Ranking Member Rodney Davis (IL-13) remains committed to keeping elections secure and ensuring every American's vote is counted and protected. This includes his work to prohibit the practice of ballot harvesting.