WASHINGTON, D.C. – Committee on House Administration Chairman Candice Miller, R-Mich. released the following statement on the hearing, “Examining the Voting Process – How States Can Build on Recommendations from the Bauer-Ginsberg Commission,” where the Committee received testimony from the Co-Chairs of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration. The hearing was held to discuss how state and local election officials can improve the voting process by using recommendations contained in the Commission’s report, otherwise known as the Bauer-Ginsberg Commission report, and other “good government” practices. Miller said:

“The right to vote is a sacred right that protects our democracy. As a former Michigan Secretary of State, I am no stranger to the challenges election officers face every day. It was my duty, and that of other Secretary of States, to ensure each and every election ran smoothly, that the voting process was accessible and understandable to citizens of voting age, and most importantly that the results were as accurate as possible when we go to elect our public leaders.

“The administration of elections is inherently a state function, and it is my firm belief that the primary role for the federal government in election administration is not to dictate to local officials or to place mandates on them, but simply to help in an advisory way so that state election officials can do their important work to make certain that every American citizen is able to cast their vote.

“The report of the Bauer-Ginsberg Commission focused on utilizing good, local governance over elections, and made recommendations on different ideas to help locals improve upon their own voting process. During our hearing, our Members were able to listen to our two witnesses on their experience running this Commission, and what they learned from the various state and local election officials from around the country. The Commission’s report proves that our elections can, and will, improve if ‘good government’ practices are used.

“The Commission put forward a list of recommendations and best practices for state and local officials to tailor to their own jurisdictions and improve upon their own practices where needed. We thank the members of the Commission for their service and thank the two Co-Chairs, Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg, for their testimony. As our nation looks towards the upcoming midterm election, my hope is that these recommendations and best practices can help state and local election officials run a more effective election.”