WASHINGTON - Committee on House Administration's top Republican, Ranking Member Rodney Davis (IL-13) sent an oversight letter to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the independent agency charged with enforcing federal campaign finance law, questioning Chair Weintraub's recent political posturing under the guise of her official position. Specifically, Davis seeks answers to the degree of partisanship, its potential hindrance of the Commission's mission, and the use of taxpayer resources being used to facilitate a partisan agenda through the FEC. In the letter, Davis writes:

"Recently, I believe this tone of partisanship has been amplified by some at the Commission. While members of the Commission have long had principled disagreements over difficult legal questions impacting core First Amendment rights, partisan attacks only serve to undermine your work and the work of the entire Commission staff."

"Additionally, while some maintain the structure of the Commission needs to be changed to gain a political advantage, I stand firm in my position that the current structure continues to serve as a safeguard against infringement on the First Amendment, as was originally intended."

"The Committee on House Administration Republicans are committed to ensuring the 2020 election cycle is as safe, fair, and trusted as any in our country's history."

CLICK HERE to view the full letter and questions from Ranking Member Davis to the Federal Election Commission.

Recently, FEC Chair Ellen Weintraub has demonstrated blatant partisan bias, overstepping her official Commission duties and making politically motivated social media and TV appearances. The Committee on House Administration is charged with the oversight of federal elections, an oversight responsibility that extends to election agencies, like the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The Committee on House Administration Republicans are using their oversight role to ensure that these agencies are fulfilling their purpose to create free, fair, and safe elections where American votes are counted and protected.