WASHINGTON – Committee on House Administration Republicans today launched an election administration timeline highlighting issues during the 2020 election cycle and a whistleblower webpage for election officials, poll watchers, and other concerned citizens to report election waste, fraud, and abuse. The committee worked with the House Office of the Whistleblower, which was created at the start of this Congress to help House offices effectively work with and protect whistleblowers, to create this webpage.

"For months Republicans have been sounding the alarm that expanding vote-by-mail takes years for states to implement, but Democrats have continued to ignore the warning signs," said Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.). "We have seen the rush to expand mail-in voting and other last minute election changes lead to disenfranchised voters and increase the risk for fraud because states and voters are not ready. With the help of the newly-created Office of the Whistleblower, my office is creating a safe place for election officials, poll watchers, and other Americans to report instances of election fraud, misuse of public election administration funds, and any other election related problems. They will be able to share these concerns without fear of retaliation and my office will do everything we can to investigate these claims. This is just another way we can help ensure our elections are run safely and fairly so every eligible person can exercise their right to vote."

Significant Events in the 2020 Election Cycle
From the Democrats' efforts to federalize our elections in 2019 to the disenfranchisement of an estimated half a million voters in 2020, the timeline below is a chronological overview of many of the problems we have documented throughout the 2020 election cycle. CLICK HERE or image below to explore.

Helping Protect Election Whistleblowers
This webpage is dedicated to helping people report federal election issues, such as fraud or misuse of funding under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), without fear of retaliation. CLICK HERE or image below to view the form.