WASHINGTON – Today, Candice Miller (MI-10), Chairman of the Committee on House Administration and the Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards (Franking Commission), reminded Members of the House about the House policy allowing for the incidental use of holiday greetings, such as “Merry Christmas,” in constituent communications. Last year, at the direction of Chairman Miller, the Commission adopted a new policy permitting Members to include holiday salutations in communications to constituents during the holiday season.

“When I assumed the Chairmanship of the House’s Franking Commission, the prohibition on simple holiday greetings stood out to me as extreme and unwarranted, which is why I implemented a new commonsense policy that allows Members to include incidental holiday wishes in their communications with constituents,” Miller said. “Now, the franking regulations allow for polite holiday greetings while still guarding taxpayers from any misuse of official funds.”

Background: Prior to the rule change in December of 2013, Members were prohibited from including a holiday salutation, even incidental, in any constituent correspondence no matter how ordinary such language may have been. While all communications sent with official resources must still be about official business and comply with additional content rules, Members may now add an incidental “Happy Thanksgiving,” “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” etc.