Washington, DC – Today, the Committee on House Administration and the House Judiciary Committee released a new report blasting H.R. 4 as nothing more than an unprecedented, unconstitutional power grab by House Democrats to keep themselves in power. The report includes a comprehensive record that disproves Democrats' claim of widespread voter suppression. Additionally, the report identifies specific provisions of H.R. 4 that would remove states' authority over their elections, nationalize our elections by subjecting every state to pre-clearance status by the Department of Justice, and specifically, attack many current and future voter ID laws across the country.

The report notes, "At a time when our country faces real crises at home and abroad, Democrats in Washington have chosen to devote their limited time to addressing a manufactured one. It is easier today than ever before to vote in the United States, as the data reflects. But rather than celebrate this progress, Democrats continue their baseless attacks on Republican-led voter integrity measures and selectively target election laws in Republican-led states. H.R. 4 is merely a continuation of President Biden's and Washington Democrats' aggressive efforts to radically restructure every facet of American society in their progressive image."

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