Subcommittee on Elections Chairman Introduces Bill to Eliminate the Election Assistance Commission; Says Bill Will Save $14 Million Annually

WASHINGTON - Today, Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Elections Chairman Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss., introduced legislation to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and save taxpayers approximately $14 million dollars a year.

"The Election Assistance Commission is a prime example of an unnecessary government organization developed with good intentions that has outlived its usefulness. By eliminating the EAC, we are furthering our commitment to eradicate wasteful spending and inefficiencies in government operations."

Established in 2002 by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), the EAC developed guidance to meet HAVA requirements and set voluntary voting system guidelines for states. It also distributed funds to states to update voting equipment. Nearly a decade after its creation, and years since it accomplished its primary objectives, the Commission continues to operate with little benefit to election administration.

Last year the National Association of Secretaries of State renewed a 2005 resolution calling on Congress not to reauthorize or fund the EAC, stating it has "served its purpose."

If adopted, the legislation will transfer the Commission's remaining responsibilities and its authority to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) while the EAC's Office of Voting System Testing and Certification program will be transferred to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.