WASHINGTON - Today, Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Elections Ranking Member Bryan Steil (R-Wis.) and full Committee Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) delivered remarks at the Subcommittee on Elections hearing entitled "A Growing Threat: How Disinformation Damages American Democracy."

As Subcommittee Ranking Member Steil highlighted:

I still don't think the American people are struggling to understand that not everything you read on the internet is true, and that politicians, sometimes, are known to lie.

Three of my favorites: "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," "Inflation is 'transitory'," and a personal favorite, "I was appointed to the academy, [U.S. Naval Academy] in 1965."

Steil continues:

Statements like the ones I read are wrong, but don't demand government intervention. The government should not be the police of speech.

I believe the American people are capable of forming their own opinions.
Watch Subcommittee Ranking Member Steil's remarks here.
As Full Committee Ranking Member Davis highlighted:

In fact, heavy-handed control at the expense of an unpopular narrative is exactly what we saw from Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the House. She didn't want conservatives like my colleagues Jim Jordan and Jim Banks serving on the 1/6 Select Committee and asking the tough questions that the Committee should be asking about the security failures on that day. So, in an unprecedented move, she made sure no member appointed by the opposition party - myself included - could serve on the Committee, all in attempt to silence her political opponents.

Now we're seeing the result of the Speaker's actions play out on national TV. These Hollywood productions that are costing taxpayers millions are a one-sided narrative solely meant to attack President Trump and anyone affiliated with him. I mean, come on -- talk about an attempt to influence elections.

They're so desperate to paint a certain narrative that they're spreading half-truths and out-right lies, including by altering evidence.
Watch Full Committee Ranking Member Davis' remarks here.