Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) issued the following statement after the House and Senate have agreed to provide $425 million for states to improve their election security in the appropriations package. The election security funding includes a 20 percent match of federal funds by states, which is similar to a provision authored by Ranking Member Davis in H.R. 3412, the Election Security Assistance Act.

"I'm thankful that states are finally getting the funding they asked for to help bolster their election security efforts. Providing flexible grants that will allow states to decide how to use their resources to upgrade their election and cyber security with a percentage match from states is what I hoped to accomplish in my own bill that my colleagues across the aisle unfortunately refused to consider," said Ranking Member Davis. "Regardless of how it's passed in Congress, I'm pleased states are finally getting the resources they need, thanks to Republicans and Democrats coming together. I hope this trend of bipartisanship continues as we look ahead to ensure our elections are protected from foreign interference and every American's vote is counted and protected."

In June 2019, Ranking Member Rodney Davis introduced H.R. 3412, the Election Security Assistance Act, which is designed to assist states in securing their elections by providing the resources most important to state and local election administrators: infrastructure funding, appropriate security clearance assistance for election officials, a reporting structure for election cybersecurity incidents, and optional hands-on assistance through an Election Cyber Assistance Unit. H.R. 3412 provides federal grants to states in the amount of $380 million with a 25% match from states to update their aging and at-risk election infrastructure. The amount was determined based on what was adequately appropriated for states last Congress.

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