WASHINGTON – Rep. Daniel E. Lungren (R-CA) has been named Chairman of the Committee on House Administration for the 112th Congress. After serving as Ranking Member in the 111th Congress, Rep. Lungren looks forward to the challenge of reducing spending and protecting voting rights.

“It has been a privilege to serve as Ranking Member alongside Mr. Brady and I am honored to serve all Americans as Chairman of the Committee on House Administration. With the largest incoming class of new members in 60 years, I look forward to continuing their transition into the 112th Congress. The Committee will also do its part in finding ways to reduce spending in Washington D.C. and bring a more efficient, responsible government back to the people.

“In addition, I am dedicated to preserving the integrity of elections and ensuring all service members overseas have an opportunity to have their vote counted. The Committee will work diligently and will be up to the task of defending this fundamental right for all Americans.”

For more information, please contact the Committee press office at (202) 225-8281.