WASHINGTON – Committee on House Administration Chairman Candice Miller (R-MI) today announced that a new display will don the walls of the tunnel between Rayburn House Office Building and the U.S. Capitol. Following the completion of the tunnel renovation, Chairman Miller is directing the Architect of the Capitol to install a reproduction of the commemorative quarters issued by the U.S. Mint depicting the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories of the United States. Chairman Miller said:

“Today, I am pleased to announce a new and representative display to be fashioned on the walls of the tunnel leading into the U.S. Capitol Building. A print of each state’s commemorative coin will be tastefully displayed for this highly trafficked area as each quarter serves as a reminder of the ideals, landmarks, and people from each state, as well as this nation’s great motto, ‘out of many, one.’

“Prior to the renovation, a flag from each state was on display in the tunnel. Given the controversy surrounding confederate imagery, I decided to install a new display. I am well aware of how many Americans negatively view the confederate flag, and, personally, I am very sympathetic to these views. However, I also believe that it is not the business of the federal government to dictate what flag each state flies. This is the ‘People’s House’ where each congressional district sends their designated representative to be their voice in the halls of Congress. With that, it is common practice for each Member of Congress to display their state flag, alongside of the American flag, outside their individual offices and in this way all state flags are displayed on Capitol Hill.”