Obama Praises Phoenix Suns Owner for Using NBA Franchise to Publicly Attack Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Over Immigration Law

Washington, May 27- Last week, President Obama praised Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver for using his bully pulpit as majority partner in an NBA franchise to criticize Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for signing the State's new immigration law.

Obama: "You know I think that just because someone's a sports figure or you've got a sports team doesn't mean that you're not part of the community, and you're not part of our democracy. I think it's terrific that the Suns who obviously feel very strongly about their community recognize that a big part of their community felt threatened by this new law." (Real Clear Politics 5/26/10).

However, since the Supreme Court's January decision in Citizens United vs. FEC, the President has continuously criticized corporate political speech intended to influence public policy - unless it aligns with his.

"In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama decried the court decision known as "Citizens United," saying that it amounts to "a huge blow to our efforts to rein in this undue influence. ...'This, in turn, will multiply their influence over decision-making in our government.'" (Washington Post 5/1/10)

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