WASHINGTON, June 23 - Democrats want Americans to believe that selectively restricting free speech is "of urgent importance" to the integrity of our elections. They ironically use words like "sunshine" and "accountability" to describe a bill undeserving of its name. However, there are important words that Democrats don't want you to use! Below are the Seven Dirty Words* of the DISCLOSE Act that Democrats apparently don't want associated with this blatant attempt to stifle speech:


Why should anybody care?


Do Americans really need to know how bills become law?


Shhh, no one is supposed to talk about the advantages the bill gives unions over everyone else.


Special interests so special they don't have to be regulated.


What, election reform shouldn't be partisan?


Hurry, before people realize what this bill does!


There won't be any, because this bill takes effect without giving the FEC time to explain how.

* Inspired by George Carlin and the Federal Communications Commission.

For more information, please contact the Committee press office at (202) 225-8281.