Ranking Republican on House Admin Notes Irony Behind Democrats Exempting Special Interests to Advance Bill Designed to Expose Influence of Special Interests; Says Even the Bill's Proceedings Lack Disclosure

WASHINGTON - Today, after the Rules Committee denied consideration of all amendments from the Republican members of the Committee on House Administration and restricted public debate of the DISCLOSE Act to one hour, the Committee on House Administration's Ranking Republican Dan Lungren, R-Calif., issued the following statement:

"After months of concealing this legislation from the public, Democrats secretly negotiated exemptions for special interest groups - undermining its purported purpose. And now, without knowing the full impact of this complex bill, and without giving the public an opportunity to understand how detrimental it will be to free speech, we will have a mere one hour of debate before casting our votes.

"Everything about this bill, from its secret drafting to its privately negotiated exemptions to the Democrats' refusal to consider the majority of the proposed amendments, contradicts its title. This bill is undeserving of its name and my vote."

For more information, please contact the Committee press office at (202) 225-8281.