WASHINGTON: Today, the Committee on House Administration has released its April 2024 Flash Report on Artificial Intelligence.

This is part of a series of flash reports that provide an update on the use of AI technology by House offices and Legislative Branch agencies, as summarized by their response letters sent to the Committee on House Administration. 

Top Takeaways: 
  • The House has put AI guardrails in place to ensure safe and appropriate AI use within the institution. They are: 
    • Human Oversight and Decision-Making
    • Clear and Comprehensive Policies
    • Robust Testing and Evaluation
    • Transparency and Disclosure
    • Education and Upskilling
  • The Committee is reviewing the current standards for official House communications which may be impacted by AI.
  • The Committee is working with more legislative branch agencies on their AI implementations, now including the Smithsonian Institution, the Architect of the Capitol, and U.S. Capitol Police. In the last three months: 
    • The Smithsonian launched a new AI community of practice which is convening working groups from across the Institution.
    • The Architect of the Capitol has quickly established an AI governance framework and has taken notable steps towards executive-level AI education. 
    • The U.S. Capitol Police has begun the development of an AI charter, which will define their approach to the safe and responsible use of AI.
    • The CAO has plans for a new AI Center of Excellence and designated a new AI Coordinator position, and CAO has begun planning with CAO Coaches, Congressional Staff Academy instructors, and others.

Click the image or here to view the latest flash report. 

The Committee on House Administration is working to bring Congress into the 21st century.

In 2023 generative AI disrupted multiple industries, including government operations. AI presents rank-and-file congressional staff with opportunities for dramatically increased efficiency across a wide variety of use cases. At the same time, AI presents the House with unique governance challenges. Transparency is essential to ensuring Congress maintains a detailed understanding of the use of AI in service to the institution and the American people. CHA requested monthly updates between August and November 2023 and these updates have expanded and are continuing into 2024.

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