WASHINGTON – Today, the House passed H. Res. 115, funding House committees for the 113th Congress. The resolution, which reflects the mandatory sequestration reductions, cuts the total authorization level by approximately 11% from the 2012 level. Committee Chair Candice Miller, R-Mich., issued the following statement after House passage:

“Today, by passing this funding resolution, the House acknowledged the need to live within its means and prioritize its resources – principles that hard-working Americans have to adhere to every day in these difficult economic times.

“Without a doubt, committees do the lion’s share of Congress’ work, which is why this funding process is so important to our ability to conduct vigorous oversight. Our finite resources – recently reduced by sequestration – must be allocated in a considered and fair manner that reflects Congress’ priorities.

“Earlier this month, we heard from nearly every committee testifying on their budgetary needs and how they plan to operate with even fewer resources. After much deliberation and consultation with each committee, we decided that, with a few exceptions, each committee budget will be reduced by approximately 11 percent.

“These cuts, mandated by sequestration, will undoubtedly challenge each committee to do more with less. But I know we will rise to the occasion. We must all remember that every two dollars spent today is a dollar borrowed against our children’s and grandchildren’s debt. Enough. The federal government must stop living beyond its means.

“I thank the chairs and ranking members for their participation in this important process and commend their willingness to tighten their budgets just as Americans are doing across the country.”