WASHINGTON - In case you missed it, Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight Chairman Barry Loudermilk (GA-11) confirmed on Just The News, No Noise that plain-clothes Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers were at the Capitol on January 6th. 
On May 16th, Chairman Loudermilk sent a letter to MPD requesting information on uniformed and plain-clothes MPD officers at the Capitol on January 6th. Based on the initial response from MPD, Chairman Loudermilk confirmed a video that has publicly circulated on Rumble shows GoPro footage from a plain-clothes MPD officer. In the video, you can hear an MPD officer yelling “Go! Go! Go!” and “Keep going! Keep going!”. This exact language has also been described in recent court filings by the U.S. Attorney. 
Watch Chairman Loudermilk discuss his findings with John Solomon:
youtube video 
Video transcription: 
“The video that you're showing right now is something that has been out on Rumble. And I can tell you that from the information that we received from the Metropolitan Police Department; I can verify that this video is from a Metropolitan Police undercover officer. Now, the concern that we have is that there one point on this video, it appears that this officer is encouraging people to climb the scaffolding and go into the Capitol. And so this is the concerning part to me. 
“And again, as we if you're going to go after the truth, you have to look at things very objectively. So, we need to look at it from several angles. But it is really, really difficult to get beyond the fact that at one point the person who is this is a GoPro video camera that the Metropolitan Police Department sent us this same footage. So, we know that it is one of their officers. And at one point he is encouraging. It appears he's encouraging, but he's definitely helping people climb the scaffolding and he's telling them, go, go, go. So that opens the door of, okay, we have officers there. Why is an officer encouraging people to climb the scaffolding and go into the Capitol?
“And secondly, why did the MPD, Metropolitan Police Department, decide to put undercover officers in the crowd? Was there intelligence that they had that was, or was not, passed on to the Capitol Police? And what did the Capitol Police do with that evidence if they got it?”