WASHINGTON – Committee on House Administration Chairman Candice Miller (R-MI) released the following statement after House Democrats introduced a second resolution calling for the removal of the State of Mississippi flag from the U.S. Capitol. Chairman Miller said:

“I appreciate the Minority Leader introducing a revised version of Rep. Thompson’s resolution and look forward to hearing from more of my colleagues in the House as the Committee on House Administration gives these resolutions every serious consideration. Obviously, removing any state flag from our nation’s Capitol would be precedent setting, something which requires much thought, deliberation and input from all parties, especially those from the state whose flag is being asked to be removed. After hearing comments made by some of Mississippi’s elected officials at the state level, and watching the action taken by South Carolina, I believe the people of Mississippi will also take up this issue and give it every serious consideration. I realize that as Chairman of the Committee on House Administration I am obligated to take into consideration input from all stakeholders, and I look forward to hearing their input. However, speaking for myself, personally, I am proud of the South Carolinians for the action they took to remove what so many consider – including myself – this symbol of divisiveness.”