In the News

Nov 3, 2011

Harper Calls on FEC to Disclose Enforcement Standards

Subcommittee on Elections Chairman Calls on Federal Election Commission to Release Secret Enforcement Standards; Says Resistance to Procedural Transparency Contradicts Agency’s Core Mission

Oct 6, 2011

Congress to Convert Waste to Energy

New AOC Contract to Divert up to 90% of Capitol Complex’s Solid Waste From Landfills; Expected to Save Tens of Thousands Annually

Sep 28, 2011

OOC Report Cites Decline in Congressional Workplace Hazards

Committee on House Administration Commends Architect for 60 Percent Reduction in Congressional Workplace Hazards Since 109th Congress

Sep 21, 2011

Lungren on House’s 2010 Financial Audit

Chairman Lungren Pledges to Continue Working with CAO to Restore House’s Financial Standing After Second Consecutive Audit Cites Inadequacies with Financial Reporting

Jul 22, 2011

Lungren Applauds Passage of H.R. 2551

Chairman of House Administration Applauds House Passage of Bill Cutting Leg Branch Spending; Maintains Commitment to Identifying Waste and Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Jun 28, 2011

House Network Now Supports Skype and ooVoo Video Teleconferencing

House Administration and House Technology Operations Team Announce Video Teleconferencing Services Now Available to House Offices

Jun 22, 2011

Harper: Democrats’ Refusal to Cut EAC is an Insult to Struggling Taxpayers

Subcommittee on Elections Chairman Calls Democrats’ Refusal to Cut Wasteful Spending in Washington an Insult to Struggling Taxpayers; Says Congress Should Do Its Job or Go Home

Jun 21, 2011

Harper: If We Can’t Eliminate the EAC, We Might as Well Pack Up and Go Home

Subcommittee on Elections Chairman Calls on Colleagues to Support H.R. 672; Says Measure Would Save Taxpayers at Least $33 Million Over Five Years

Jun 21, 2011

Democrats Defend $100,000 Government Salaries at Obsolete Agency

According to the number two House Democrat, the agency continues to serve a valuable service to taxpayers. However, recent reviews of the Commission and its operations tell an entirely different story.

Jun 16, 2011

Gingrey: House to go Digital

Chairman of Oversight Subcommittee Explores Ways to Transition House Away From Archaic Paper-Based Processes; Says Modernization Will Save Money and Increase Transparency